Current Sales


After many weeks of maintaining the "Stay At Home" request, we have our doors open for business!

Come in and look around and see what is new in this 'old shop'. We thank all our regular customrs who have been so supportive and look forward to meeting some new people soon.

To adhere to local standards we request you wear a mask and we are to have no more than 10 people in the store at one time.

Booth AVA : 20% Off Avon Dolls

​                       50% Off All Books

KP                 : 20% Off Any Item In Window

MEL              : 25% Off Any Item Not In A Case
                        Except Items Already Marked Down

                        50% Off All Books

                        75% Off Boyd's Bears

Booth Nat   : 20% Off Any Item

Mac              : 20% Off Any Item

Window 10 : 25% Off Any Item In Window

Case 41       : 30% Off Any Item

Booth 86     : 50% Off All Books

Booth 527   : 15% Off Furniture over $60

                        15% Off Jewelry Over $50

​                         20% Off Any Books Over $10